Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Berakhot Daf 20


  1. Rabbi Maroof kol hakavod on your audio blog.my highest recommendation for a delightful audio daf yomi. Rabbi Maroof manages not only to present the daf effortlessly in an easy to follow manner but ties up the loose ends of the sugya. I am recovering from surgery and am still unable to concentrate enough to read the daf but the audio experience quite frankly has been so enjoyable I hope to continue. Many thanks to Rabbi Dr.Ben Rubin for pointing me to the site.
    Joseph Neustein, MD

  2. Rabbi Maroof,
    How do you understand the method used by the sage in dealing with immodesty? The Gemarrah is clearly endorsing his behavior. Does this mean that this kind of zealousness is called for when someone is perceived as immodest?